Friday, July 5, 2013

Lotto secret

How does one person win the lottery again and again.

 Don't just play lotto, learn how to play. Its all a part of life games.....
Most people spend most of there time losing before deciding there had to be a way to improve your chances . It's a daily process that involves dedicating time to the game.

Everyday i played lotto i believed i was gonna be a winner. I've been playing over 8 years & never really won big: "pick 3, pick 4, cash 5, Mega Millions, Powerball, Decades of dollars, Win for life,& Scratchers, I played them all. What i finally realized is that i wasn't playing Lotto , lotto was playing me. I was losing $300+ a week . Some of my friends were losing $200+ a day,(night & day). Lotto kept me behind in bills and in debt, so i decided if i ever was gonna play lotto again i was going to educate myself and stop guessing and playing by LUCK, & yes i started winning Big and small....

 Advice for fellow lottery players: "Don't throw your tickets away. If you win enough money you can write off the cost of your losing tickets against the taxes you pay on your winnings," . Also winners be careful because all taxes are not necessarily taken out when winnings are paid out. Please stop wasting your money on scratch-offs that have no more money or grand prizes left .Go to the lotto website in your town they will let you know how many tickets started and how many unclaimed tickets left for that game. You can find that information in game details..

 "I don't guarantee or make promises to anybody that by following my method you're going to win the lottery, "I'm not a scam artist. I'm telling people exactly the truth -- that they will definitely increase their chances of winning" using this lottery method.
                                                                             "Don't spend more than you can afford."

"Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery"

                                      To make sure you have it right

             LottoMasterFormula is not illegal (what can be illegal in following some
           strategies that increases your odds.  The lotteries are not happy with my system…but 
           they can’t do anything about it)                                                                                                  
LottoMasterFormula is not difficult to understand: no mathematics required…just simple things anyone can understand

LottoMasterFormula is used with great success by 131 (and counting) so far.  We’ve just launched the website …and pretty soon this will take the internet by storm. I’m very serious about keeping this website up for a very limited period of time…and then taking it down. If we all win…who is going to lose?

LottoMasterFormula will enable you to win small first,BUT then it will  give you the taste of a few thousands, and then it will reveal the real path to wealth.

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Best Trading Tool Ever
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